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Hillshire Farm

Hillshire Farm has been providing quality meat products since its founding in 1934. Our delicious products come in a variety of cuts, sizes and flavors. They are easy to use and extremely versatile, so you can enjoy them on their own or incorporate them into your favorite recipes. The Hillshire Farm portfolio of meats includes lunchmeat, smoked sausage (rope and links), cocktail wieners (Hillshire Farm Lit’l Smokies), summer sausage and hams. At Hillshire Farm, we believe it’s worth doing right.

Since 1957, Ball Park® has been king of the frankfurter. Now we've gone a step further with our Flame Grilled Beef Patties, Angus Brats and Angus Beef Hot Links. We don't claim to understand guys any better than you do, but we do know what they like to eat. So when he's just being himself, good luck. But when he's hungry, think Ball Park.

Jimmy Dean launched in 1969, and today is America's number one breakfast sausage. Jimmy Dean's full line of breakfast sausage, bacon and sandwiches boast that home-cooked flavor families love. Jimmy Dean Fresh Pork Sausage Rolls, Links, Omelets, Skillets and Patties pack a full flavor and top quality ingredients guaranteed to make any meal the best.

In 1983,Bruce Aidells started making artisan chicken sausage, and soon it became an everyday must-have for busy home cooks. The reason is simple: Bruce crafted his sausage by hand using the most exceptional ingredients: sun-dried tomatoes, artichoke hearts and mangos. Our chicken & apple sausage(a best seller) is packed with morsels of Pacific Northwest apples and our trademarked spice blend. It's deliciously addictive. Aidells also includes a line of meatballs with flavors like teriyaki pineapple and caramelized onion.

At Gallo Salame, our salame isn't just a recipe or a process. It's an art passed down through generations. Our founder Louis Gabiati came to San Francisco from northern Italy a century ago determined to make Americans passionate about the old-world tradition of dry salame. Now 100 years later, we still make our salame with the same care and integrity—the finest meats, an unhurried, natural aging process and robust flavor—people expect from Gallo Italian Dry Salame and Pepperoni.

In the 1930s, two Texans invented a revolutionary fun food. Their honey-batter-wrapped hot dog on a stick started getting smiles all over the state fair, and the State Fair Corn Dog was born. Our customers love the minimal preparation time and the classic taste of this American classic.